Trainings for RYS and CECs

Ayurveda for Registered Yoga Schools (RYS) and Continuing Education Credits for Existing Yoga Teachers

The Yoga Foundation is proud to offer several yoga teacher training segments in the study of Ayurveda for Registered Yoga Schools to meet the specific requirements towards the “Philosophy and Lifestyle” category for each respective training. A true understanding of ayurveda is a necessary and valuable component in becoming a spectacular yoga teacher.

RYS – 200, 300 and 500 hour yoga teacher trainings require between 20 – 60 hours of study in “Yogic Philosophy and Lifestyle” and having your yoga teacher trainees acquire an in-depth understanding of ayurveda, a sister science to yoga, will deeply enrich their understanding of yoga as a lifestyle. Students will acquire a comprehensive overview of how the principles and practices of ayurveda can complement an existing yoga teachers personal practice (sadhana), and how such knowledge can be a valuable tool in teaching others to live a harmonious yogic lifestyle.

The class segments mentioned below cover the philosophy, history, principles and practices of ayurveda and will give each teacher a deeper understanding of the 5 great elements, and how these elements combine to become the doshas: vata, pitta and kapha. They will also learn how the doshas effect the seasons, stages of life, times of day, the foods we chose and even the thoughts we think.

The more in-depth segments will further instruct the yoga teacher students on how to assess their own prakruti (their unique blend of the doshas) and the prakruti of their students. Additionally, they will learn how to infuse this knowledge into their class design. Each asana and pranayama technique has its own energetic effect on the doshas and the prakruti of each yoga student. This knowledge can help a good teacher become an outstanding teacher, as the ability to balance the doshas in the classroom can have a profound effect on the students experience.


Registered Yoga Schools

RYS can fulfill required hours in the category of “philosophy and lifestyle” through the classes mentioned below.

Bethany will come to your teacher training location and teach a variety of ayurvedic options to your students, depending on your needs:

2 Hour – Basic Introduction to Ayurveda : understanding the 5 great elements and how they make up the doshas: vata, pitta kapha
4 Hour – Basic Introduction to Ayurveda (above), plus assessing your prakruti and balancing the doshas
6 Hour – In depth Introduction to Ayurveda (above), plus how teachers can assess the prakruti of their students and how to incorporate this information into yoga classes to benefit and balance students
8 Hour – The above mentioned 6 hours, with additional teaching in dinyacharya (daily rituals), ojas, dhatus, malas and an introduction to pulse reading

* 10 Additional “Philosophy and Lifestyle” hours can be acquired by incorporating some of the lecture outlined below under Continuing Education


Continuing Education Credits for Registered Yoga Teachers
Attending an Introduction to Ayurveda workshop will give you 2 hours of Continuing Education Credits . The Basic Introduction to Ayurveda class can be followed up by any additional 2 credit classes mentioned below or by contact hours and self study guided by Bethany Cantin :

Balancing the 5 Elements
Ayurveda and Yoga Class Design
Knowing Your Prakruti
Satva, Rajas, Tamas – Balancing the Mind
Vitality for Life: Prana and Ojas
Doshas, Dhatus and Malas
Ayurveda and the Natural Stages of Life
Ayurveda for Women: Balancing Menopause
Ayurveda for Teens: Balancing the Pitta Years