The Yoga Foundation

The Yoga Foundation

The mission of The Yoga Foundation is to make yoga classes accessible at no cost to youth and adult outreach programs for the purpose of fostering personal, physical and spiritual development through the practice of yoga.

Yoga unites the body, mind and spirit, encouraging self-discipline
and self-reliance.

The Yoga Foundation brings together exceptional yoga instructors
who are generously volunteering their time to join with organizations wishing to participate in our free yoga programs. Our teachers
are trained to hold a safe, supportive and friendly space for
participants to explore the physical practice of yoga and the inner freedom it promotes.


Yoga means to join, to bring together. We are looking for the following contributions from the yoga community:

  • Volunteering to teach two or more hours per month
  • Providing periodic rent free space in which to hold yoga classes for
    our volunteer instructors
  • Welcoming individuals into your existing classes through vouchers
    donated to The Yoga Foundation
  • Donating items such as mats, blocks, books and videos
  • Donating your time to assist in making our programs come alive
  • Making a contribution to support The Yoga Foundation in its