Workshops & Cleanses

Ayurveda for Women’s Health

Sunday, January 12th 2019

Location – The Tibetan House

Time – 11:00am – 1:00pm

Price – $35

An inspirational 2 hour workshop designed to celebrate women’s health, happiness and harmony. Ayurveda translates to mean “ life wisdom” and it is through this ancient road map to optimal health that we will explore how to reconnect you with your inherent right to a life filled with vibrancy, balance and optimal health, at all stages of your life.

The workshop will start with a brief introduction to ayurveda, followed by simple, time tested, ayurvedic recommendations specific for women’s wellness in the areas of dietary changes, herbal remedies and lifestyle routines that will help inspire balance and rejuvenation for all women at all stages of life. The workshop will also address some of the unique health issues that many of us will encounter in our lifetimes along with ways to move through phases of life with grace. This workshop is for women of all ages.

Post Mardi Gras Cleanse

Pre Cleanse Meeting : March 24th, 2019 

Post Cleanse Meeting : April 7th, 2019

Cleanse Dates : March 31st – April 7th

Ayurvedic cleanses are used for optimizing health and prolonging life by removing physical, chemical and mental impurities from your body to restore you to a balanced, healthier way of life. Ayurvedic philosophy believes that food is medicine and that healthy, nutritional, seasonal foods, whole grains, healing spices, along with disciplined self-care are the only medicines we need for vibrant, healthy living.

Post Mardi Gras is an excellent time of year for rejuvenation and transformation. This cleanse will help us rid our bodies of the excess build-up of stagnant toxins that have accumulated over the holidays, winter months and Mardi Gras season. The cleanse will also help us shed the lethargy and heaviness that we commonly store in winter months and will help bring greater lightness and clarity into our lives, just in time for spring.

We start with a 1.5 hour meeting a week prior to the cleanse start date to familiarize yourself with ayurveda and the many details of the cleanse. I will provide everyone participating in the cleanse with an in-depth, 20 page manual that will detail every single aspect of the ayurvedic cleanse and this will be reviewed and handed out at the meeting.

I will send daily emails to everyone participating in the 8 day cleanse to encourage and support you in the process and to share relative ayurvedic wisdom that will deepen your experience.  I will be available to answer any questions you may have each day of the cleanse.

This is an excellent opportunity to set new habits around healthy living to help balance your body, mind and spirit.

Please reach out with any questions to :

If you have specific health concerns is is advisable that you see me for a private ayurvedic consultation before the cleanse starts.

Beat the Summer Heat

June 2019 

Join Ayurvedic Practitioner Bethany Cantin for a 2 hour workshop designed to help you stay balanced, cool and collected during the summer months. This workshop will help you “ beat the summer heat” by getting you in tune with Mother Nature and her sultry summertime ways. The workshop will start with an introduction to ayurveda, followed by a variety of wonderful ayurvedic tips and simple practices to follow during summer months, such as : optimal daily summertime routines, subtle seasonal lifestyle shifts, optimal seasonal food and beverage recommendations as well as idilic essential oils concoctions to help keep you cool and grounded.